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This National Blood Donor Week, we honour our donors with heartfelt thanks from the patients they’ve helped.

National Blood Donor Week takes place June 9 to 15, 2024. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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Are you a donor or recipient? Share your story on social media and tell us how donating makes you feel or how you’d describe Canada’s Lifeline donors.  

Tag @CanadasLifeline and use #CanadasLifeline and #NBDW2024 in your posts.  

We asked recipients what donors mean to them...

Donors are incredible, just ask Wai Yin.

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Wai Yin, blood recipient and her friend, Cali

Thanks to regular blood transfusions, Wai Yin is strong enough to volunteer and bring joy to people in her community.

Thanks to a stem cell donation from his sister, and blood from other generous donors, Emmanuel can advocate for sickle cell disease awareness in the Black community.

Emmanuel, blood and stem cell recipient

Thanks to regular blood transfusions from donors like you. Bessie and Sal have a beautiful family.

Bessie, blood recipient and her husband, Sal, blood donor

Marcel, plasma recipient and his son, Jacob

A sudden illness left Marcel believing he wouldn’t survive the night. Thanks to donors, he was able to watch his son grow up.

Sabrina, plasma recipient

Thanks to regular treatment with medication made from plasma, Sabrina is healthy and able to connect with and inspire others.

Kathleen, blood and organ recipient and her daughter, Corina, blood donor

Thanks to a kidney and liver transplant, Kathleen is here for her kids, her advocacy, and to live each day to the fullest.

Wai Yin,
blood recipient